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HanesBrands Inc. Announces Closure Of Clarksville Plant

The city of Clarksville was informed on Tuesday, Aug. 1, that a decision was made by HanesBrands Incorporated to close its hosiery manufacturing facility at 1904 Clark Road in Clarksville on Sept. 30. The closure of the plant is expected to be permanent.

HanesBrands Inc. expressed its commitment to supporting the affected employees during their transition to their next employment opportunity. A comprehensive outplacement support program will be provided to the associates by the human resources team, along with separation pay.

In a statement to The Graphic, a spokesman for HanesBrands Inc. said, “In early 2022, we announced plans to sell our U.S. Sheer Hosiery business. As part of that ongoing process, we will be discontinuing production at our manufacturing facility in Clarksville at the end of September. Decisions that affect our workforce are taken very seriously. We thank all associates in Clarksville for their contributions to HanesBrands and are committed to working closely with them to provide support through the transition.”

“As a longstanding partner of the community, HanesBrands Inc.’s sudden decision to close the facility has been met with sadness,” Stephen Houserman, city economic developer, said. “The city of Clarksville is dedicated to focusing its efforts on assisting the affected employees and their families during this period of transition. Measures will be taken to provide support in securing new job opportunities for the impacted workforce. The city’s economic development office has already initiated communication with state and local agencies to engage with resources and new opportunities for the displaced employees and their families.”

In 2015, HanesBrands expanded its production at the Clarksville plant by adding 120 jobs, making the facility one of the largest hosiery knitting facilities in the world. At that time, the plant employed approximately 450.

“HanesBrands is committed to assisting our associates to the greatest extent possible to transition to their next employment opportunity,” the company said in a statement Tuesday. “To that end, our human resources team will provide a full range of comprehensive outplacement support activities to our affected employees, as well as separation pay. We are appreciative of any resources and services the Rapid Response Team, the local AR Workforce Services and the Arkansas Workforce Center may provide.”

Houserman said the city of Clarksville, along with its partners, will work diligently to mitigate the effects of the closure and foster a positive outlook for those affected. Any employee who is directly affected by the decision and who is seeking resources for employment, should contact Houserman at for additional details.

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