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Eclipse Planning Meeting Is Held: 26 Days Until Eclipse

by Stephanie Baker

The community eclipse planning meeting on Wednesday, March 13, marked 26 days until the total solar eclipse, when much of Johnson County will experience three minutes and 29 seconds of darkness and the moon passes in front of the sun.

The meeting was led by Johnson County Director of Emergency Management Rickey Casey, who conducted a roll call of local agencies by asking for updates on their emergency preparedness planning for the April 5-8 weekend.

Johnson County Sheriff Tom Hughes said he and his officers are “doing all we can to make this work.” Hughes stated his officers will be tripling their regular patrol and will be available to respond to calls. He also noted a limited number of 20 jail spots would be open to house offenders during the weekend. The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office will also have a temporary tank of backup fuel available for emergency vehicles.

Clarksville City Hall will be closed to the public on April 8 with select staff present.

Deputy Director of Emergency Management Klay Rowbotham listed the Ozark Mountains and Strawberry Bluffs as problem areas for emergency teams, stating no check-ins or records of the visitors present combined with the potentially dangerous outdoor areas could mean an increase in medical calls….

To read the full story see the March 20 edition of The Graphic, found online and in businesses throughout Johnson County.

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