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Infinity Ranch Raises Thanksgiving Turkeys

by Stephanie Baker

Seventh generation farmers Theron and Jeanie Rowbotham raise turkeys at Infinity Ranch in Hagarville.

The four-house poultry facility on their farm helps the family raise around 225,000 turkeys each year.

“You hear about factory farms, but it’s not a factory. Behind it all is a family just like us who is working with the animals,” said Jeanie.

The Rowbothams raise turkeys year-round but have a push to produce extra poultry ahead of the Thanksgiving season. Each turkey will spend approximately 12 weeks on the farm, where it grows from a small turkey chick, or poult, into a 14-pound bird that will be sold in a grocery store as a Butterball whole turkey, just like the ones that will be the main course of Thanksgiving meals around the nation. While on the farm the birds receive fresh bedding, water and feed, in a well ventilated, temperature-controlled facility, according to Theron, who says his family strives to give the animals the best habitat they can provide at Infinity Ranch.

For full story see the Nov. 15 edition of The Graphic, found online or in businesses throughout Johnson County.

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