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Pit Bull Problems Addressed By Hartman City Council

Citizens attended Hartman City Council’s meeting on Mondy, August 14, to voice concerns over pit bull dogs roaming the neighborhood, harassing residents and cornering people in their yards, driveways, and mailboxes along Old Highway 64.

A roomful of Hartman residents took turns stating their grievances regarding the situation.

Johnny and Dawn Anglin both shared more than five encounters with the animals, one which left them with a coop full of dead and mangled chickens.

“I hated that it got your chickens, but praise the Lord, it wasn’t a kid,” said Mayor Jackie Weathers.

The house contains at least five grown pit bulls and a female rottweiler that is being used for breeding purposes, according to the Anglins.

Weathers stated that three dogs had already been taken into custody by the city and have been removed from Hartman. One more has evaded capture but will be removed, he said, adding that the owner of the dogs will be moving out of Hartman. Dawn Anglin thanked the mayor and council for their response, stating that the situation had been better since the removal of the first three dogs.

“There’s nothing we can do until they bite someone,” said Johnny Anglin, who contacted local law enforcement about the issues.

“You have the right to protect yourself, your family and your home,” responded Weathers.

While the dogs have not bitten anyone, there have been multiple instances of them barking at, chasing and knocking over neighbors…

For the full story see the August 23 edition of The Graphic.


Photo: Article V (Fierce or Dangerous Dogs) of the City of Hartman’s Ordinance 2018-0002 regarding animal ownership

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